David Deusner Freelance Photography

David Deusner has established a successful career as a freelance photographer after developing a passion for the art at a young age.

On David Deusner’s 12th birthday, his mom and dad presented him with a brand new camera. At first, he was a little bit confused. He really didn’t know much about photography at all.  

He hadn’t asked them for a camera — at least, he didn’t think he did.  Nevertheless, there it was — a brand new camera, all for him.

David Deusner Photography

His parents explained that the gift was intended to spark creativity in the young boy’s mind. And to his surprise, it did. In no time at all, his eyes became like little lenses. While riding home from school on the bus, he’d scan the views around him, paying close attention to small details of beauty like flower petals swaying in the wind and flickers of light atop puddles in the road.  He’d rush home at top speed, eager to take his camera out for a spin.

Today, David Deusner’s enthusiasm for the art form is alive and well.  In addition to his professional life, David Deusner moonlights as a freelance photographer.  He enjoys capturing memories for his clients on their special days, whether they’re celebrating a birthday, school graduation, or wedding.  Special event photography has become a passion for him. During the work week, he excitedly anticipates his adventures in encapsulating the joy of those around him.

Although he’s known to have a special knack for the craft, David Deusner believes that anyone can become a photographer.  In his view, all you need is a camera, a bit of determination, and an open perspective. He documents his tips, tricks, and techniques on his blog, hoping to encourage others to take part in the photography fun.  In his opinion, it doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are — everyone has the ability to excel in photography.  He regularly uses photography as a tool for expressing himself. Whenever he’s feeling particularly down and out, he takes his camera out for an adventure.  Observing and capturing the beauty of nature has proven not only enjoyable, but also therapeutic for David Deusner. More than a hobby or career choice, photography is one of his greatest passions in life.

To learn more about his experiences and tips and tricks, check out the creative photography blogs by David Deusner here:

http://daviddeusner.blogspot.com/ and https://medium.com/@daviddeusner

You can also find David Deusner on Etsy promoting his photography and DIY projects.